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PHOENIX @ MTC MedTech Circle Event


PHOENIX on the spot in the Upper-Austrian Med-Tech community

On 28 September 2022, Upper Austrian “MTC” – the Medical Technologies Cluster – celebrated its 20th birthday with a big event in Linz. 90 participants from companies (covering major med-tech enterprises and start-ups as well) and research gathered to exchange ideas for the future of medicine – and the medicine of the future.

The topics presented and discussed during the event ranged from simulation to certification of medical products and devices and also paid special attention to the challenges of “Health in an ageing society”.

The presence of PHOENIX-OITB (represented by Austrian partner RECENDT) was a great vital sign and valuable milestone to make PHOENIX and its Service Portfolio known in the Upper Austrian community.  Although the event’s focus was not expressly on (nano-)pharmaceutics, the contact to the researchers and companies was extremely valuable – and positively, we got extremely good feedback regarding the basic idea and the services offered by PHOENIX-OITB.


Some impressions from the event:

Robert Holzer from RECENDT representing PHOENIX-OITB at the MTC MedTech.Circle event

Booth at the MTC MedTech.Circle event

Discussion round at the MTC MedTech.Circle event

 Auditorium at at the MTC MedTech.Circle event