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Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH (RECENDT)

RECENDT is an Austrian RTO, dedicated to the development of optical and acoustic technologies for non-destructive characterisation of materials in terms of chemical and physical/structural properties and for process-integrated testing and inline analysis. The acquired data is processed with cutting-edge data analysis methods and provided to the process-owners as usable and valuable information. With an interdisciplinary team and state-of-the-art photonic technologies, RECENDT thus covers the entire field of intelligent sensor technology.

In the PHOENIX project, RECENDT focuses on the application of process-analytical technologies. With the expertise in Infrared- and Raman-Spectroscopy, RECENDT researchers will take care of the development of customised / optimised spectroscopic measurement methods, covering the application of industrial spectroscopy solutions for the individual use-cases. All work shall lead to the development and application of concepts for Process-Analytical Technologies (PAT) in nano-pharmaceutical production.