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Nanomol Technologies SL (NT)

Nanomol Technologies (NT) is a science and innovation driven SME offering novel nanoformulation solutions by propietary, green and robust DELOS technology, in addition to advanced cGMP particle characterisation services to pharma, biotech and chemical companies.  

DELOS nanocarriers stabilise, protect, and improve the performance of APIs – from small chemical molecules to biologics, including peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids, enabling novel administration routes and enhanced drug products.

NT also has a full GMP compliant Contract Analysis unit for the particle characterisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical intermediates and final formulations. Our unit is one of the less than five cGMP specialised particle analysis providers in the world. 

NT works with their partners to unlock pharmaceutical R&D, generating high quality nanomedicines and high added value drug products that reach clinical phases:

  • Reformulating drug candidates with poor solubility, bioavailability or stability.
  • Obtaining tailored multifunctional drug delivery systems that overcome cell barriers and reach specific tissues.

Within the PHOENIX project, NT’s specific role is to lead the Quality Management activities, and to provide two nanopharmaceutical demo-cases based on proprietary DELOS nanoformulation technology. Regarding the two demo cases, NT is focused on the scale-up, design and implementation of cGMP production equipment for the DELOS technology and analytical development for DELOS-based nanomedicines.