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Leanbio SL (LB)

Leanbio is a Biotherapeutics CDMO specialised in the development and manufacture of Biologics from gene to final formulation, implementing a lean development program following an enhanced approach according to ICH guidelines, minimising time to market and COGS. Leanbio owns proprietary technology for strain and cell line development, process development, analytical and formulation development and is able to supply from milligram to kilogram scale for non-clinical, clinical development and routine manufacture.

Leanbio technological platforms (including E.coli LBP Cyto, E.coli LBP Secre, E.coli LBP Peri, Bacillus, P.pastoris and CHO) FTO systems include development and manufacture at lab, pilot and commercial scale, and provides full biologics characterisation (including Primary to HOS structure, identity, purity, impurities, Bioassays, and content analytical methods).