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Grace Bio S.L. (GB)

Grace Bio S.L. is a global contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), based in Barcelona (Spain). Our vision is to lead the supply of complex biological-based therapeutics. We provide access to both, “in-demand” production facilities, as well as solutions for biotherapeutic manufacturewith highest quality and affordable price to biopharma companies.

Our core competences which we rely on to develop new products, and that we offer as well  to third partners and customers, are:

  • Technology transfer from development phase to production needs;
  • Fermentation GMP manufacturing of therapeutic proteins and antibodies using expression in recombinant organisms (i.e., mammalian and microbial cells) including therapeutic proteins, mAb, biosimilars, vaccine drug substance/intermediates;
  • Purification GMP manufacturing of therapeutic proteins and Ab;
  • Full analytical capability in-house for in-process controls (IPC), release testing and drug substance stability testing;
  • Analytical methods transfer and qualification/validation/verification;
  • Quality control service.

Grace Bio ensures to its customers and partners the best characteristics they need to develop and produce high-quality complex biological-based therapeutics by maintaining flexibility in its development services and full filling GMP certification for manufacturing, without adding unnecessary operational complexity and keeping reasonable costs.

Within the PHOENIX project, Grace Bio is in charge of the production under GMP of one of the components used in a PHOENIX Demo Case.