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BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN)

BNN is a non-profit oriented organisation specialised in international R&D&I collaboration to support and guide its partners towards sustainable development of connected technologies. It is the operative unit of the BioNanoNet network, an international association that connects private and public R&D&I organisations from different sectors dealing with nanotechnology and its applications. Main thematic areas of both, the association and BNN, are (i) enabling technologies, (ii) health & safety, and (iii) data & sustainability aspects.

The core of BNN activities and expertise are based on: (a) Building alliances and initiatives, (b) Technical support based on Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design aspects from science to development of smart materials, processes and products, (c) Innovation support and management, and (d) Complementary business support (high-quality project management and professional communication).

Through these core activities, BNN supports its partners to get their projects from idea to reality. To do so, BNN aligns multidisciplinary and complementary skills within its team and together with competences available in its network, like quality-ensured testing/manufacturing. BNN supports ideas and prototype concepts of its collaborators adding safety and sustainability expertise, paving the way for them to reach the next level within the development process and bringing them closer to the market.

Within the PHOENIX project, BNN’s specific role is to develop the business concept and overall sustainability of the project and the future OITB, together with MyB. Furthermore, BNN leads the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities and establishes connections with stakeholders during the project.