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New HPLC equipment @ Nanomol Technologies

There is an update from our project partner Nanomol Technologies about their new HPLC equipment acquisition:

Our new HPLC equipment will help us to study our nanoformulation composition in a precise and an exact manner to ensure their pharmaceutical quality. In addition:

The new HPLC incorporates two detectors in series: a PDA detector (UV) and an evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD), which will make sure that any single molecule from our nanoformulations will be detected.

The acquired HPLC equipment (ACQUITY Arc System, Waters Corporation) has been qualified (IQ/OQ).

Such a significant step forward has been possible thanks to our recent involvement in the PHOENIX OITB, by which we aim at offering great clinical and socioeconomic benefits to society, industry, key stakeholders and patients.

We know you will love it!