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BNN offers internal PHOENIX training on SSbD

On 3 November 2022, 22 PHOENIX consortium members gathered online for an internal training on Safety-and-Sustainability-by-Design (SSbD), a concept for ensuring the safety and sustainability of chemicals and materials at the very start of the innovation process. The workshop was led by Susanne Resch, with a presentation by Nerea Argarate and support from Clemens Wolf, all from BNN.


Topics covered included the concept of SSbD, its applications in the pharmaceutical sector, and its potential for nanopharmaceutical product development. After the presentations there was an interactive session using MURAL to collect ideas of how to implement SSbD in our current work, and the workshop ended with an feedback poll via Mentimeter.

We look forward to spreading knowhow regarding SSbD to our partners and Open Call projects in the future!